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Automotive Auctions is an expert in the sale of exclusive cars and old-timers, our cars are sold globally. All of our vehicles are put up for auction: this is a fascinating process where we provide a great experience. With our huge passion for cars, is it in our interest that the sale and purchase of a nice car has to be a comforting process for all parties involved. We strive to make the process pleasant with our attention focused on the buyer and the seller of the car. One day a week we open our industrial and artistic showroom for the public. This gives the buyers an opportunity to see and inspect the cars before they decide to place a bid on the vehicle.


Our accomplishments

  • 5752 customers
  • 59 different countries
  • 8 years experience
  • 8456 cars sold

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This is how we do itYour car(s) on the auction?

Sign up

Sign your car up via our contact form or via the WhatsApp chat on the website. Send us a couple of pictures of the car that you want to put up for auction. We will get back to you within 24 hours.


Before we process your car for auction, we communicate the intake of the car beforehand with you. We create a description of the car when we take the car in, after that we inspect it for possible damages. Then we move on to a comprehensive photo session, so the car will look great on the screen.

Auction goes online

As soon as we collect enough cars for the auction (we strive for 25 to 40 cars per auction), the auction will show up on the website. A few days after that the auction will be open for bids, from that point anyone is able to place a bid on your vehicle. When the auction opens we send the link to follow the bids on your car.

Closing auction

After the viewing day(s) the auction is still a few days open for new bids. We evaluate the highest bid after the closing of an auction. The day after the auction we will communicate the price with you, if you agree the car can be sold. If you do not want to, we will not sell the vehicle. In other words: you have final say in selling your car.

The last steps

After the car is sold to the highest bidder, all the cars will be collected by the buyers on a determined date. All the buyers will arrive at the same date to collect all of the sold cars. Everything that is of importance for this date, will be communicated with you beforehand. After the invoice is paid by the buyer, we will register the car to the new owner. After this is finished the new owner can take the car home.

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